Wish you were here

So its Saturday…um maybe its Sunday…anyway, Today finds us in Orlando, Florida. We played a show last night at Cypress Gardens with Stellar Kart (whose new album ROCKS by the way…but your all going to have to wait till it drops in a few months…I’ll keep you posted!) We packed up after the show and headed off to our next destination…the happiest place on earth. Lauren and Aaron (our Tec) are convinced that it truly is and Alyssa and I are possibly calloused in our old age. However, the longer were here the more we are beginning to find that inner child. Maybe we will have to stay a week.

So you guessed it, we are at Disney, yeah, it’s a hard life on the road :0) the perks are always nice. We are here for some PR, photo opts and such, plus we had the opportunity to eat breakfast with the staff that hired us for Night of Joy (Thank you John!) Now we have some time off to enjoy the warm weather, the lovely view from our hotel and then the Park later tonight.
If we’re not careful Lauren might want to stay forever then what would we do with out a drummer?
Any takers just incase?

I have been listening to this song the last two days…I mean it’s on all the time, you think I’d be sick of it already……………………
I was going though my CD’s and found an old favorite, delirious? GLO. I pushed play and had it on low until it started playing a song called “Intimate Stranger”. I turned it up and played it again and again.

“I lift my eyes to you
Eyes that have seen a thing or two
Who is this stranger in my life?
I lift my hands to you
Hands that have carried what is true
Intimate stranger be my life

Jesus I Love you
Jesus I adore you
Jesus you still have my affection
And my song will be “I Love you”

I lift my voice to you
Lips that have cried a prayer or two
Beautiful stranger fill my life
I lift up my heart in praise to
The Savior who’s death made all things new
Intimate stranger only you”

I began pondering the line “ Jesus you still have my affection” and It caused me to wonder…does he? Does he have my affection? He has my life, for I have dedicated it to him, He has the love of a daughter for he is my heavenly father but affection? What is affection towards God?
Affection requires intimacy; it requires an uncovering of the hidden things of the heart and an ultimate selflessness of sacrifice. The definition I found in Strong’s for this verse was; “to seek, to strive for, find pleasure in, delight” the desire of my heart is to have this affection for my God and I hope one day soon I can sing that song and be living it, Jesus, are all I seek for, strive for, all I find pleasure and delight in.

KJV Col 3:2 Set your affection on things above not on things on the earth