The Best Of

I thought I’d give you guys a “best of” from this tour and one thing that I learned over the last few weeks. Hope you enjoy .

Top moments of tour

1. Walking into sound check and seeing over 40 guys and 1 girl that I would have to be touring with over then next two weeks. We are usually outnumbered but this was ridiculous.

2. All of the opening bands joining Toby Mac in a rocking “Proud Mary” inspired “Winter Wonderland” sing-a-long.

3. When Jayar from Total Access and Shonlock joined BG and Nirva in their evening pilates class. (What a site to see!)

4. Being followed around Nashville by the crew of the “Today Show” I’m not that fond of cameras but it was fun just for a day.

And now for a “surreal experience” moment on the Winter Wonder Slam tour.

So almost midnight and I was on my bus minding my own business and in walks Toby with a bag of groceries and he proceeded to ask if he could use our oven to bake a bunt. Not quite the words you would think to hear from a Christian superstar. So of course I said yes (after all it was his tour). So I pulled out my bosh and out of his pocket he pulls a recipe, apparently Grandma Mac made an amazing bunt and Toby wanted to share with us its goodness.

He asked me to help him out. Well, I thought I was focused when I bake, I think he has me beat. He wouldn’t break for anything.
In exchange for my help he offered me the recipe as long as I would take it with me to the grave or some other serious nonsense. After all was mixed and we made quite the mess it was time to bake. The secret of this special bunt is that it bakes at low temps for over an hour, so Toby decided to hang out and talk life with the Barlow fam as we all waited to see if his cooking was as good as everyone said.

Surreal experience #1 Standing in my kitchen with Toby making a bunt. It’s just not what I’d have on my list of “things to do when meeting a favorite artist”. It kind of brought down any type of platform I had him on (and I was unaware of it until I felt it coming down.) I had this sense that God leveled out any idolization I had in my heart in the mere realization that Toby Mac is just a man, who has a family, likes to bake, and just so happens to have a cool job.

Surreal experience #2 Getting a recipe from a guy. It’s never happened before and I don’t think it will happen on tour ever again.