Never Alone….yet again.

We have had quite the week! We rehearsed most the week for the fall tour. It’s never too early to start practicing. We picked up some new gear for the tour and it all needs some tweaking to get it just right. (including some new guitar pedals to replace the ones that decided to die on me 2 weeks ago.)

Friday we drove down to Nashville to play a show. The show went well, not as windy as the last and there were more sp-er’s there then I have ever seen at a show. Thanks to all of you who came, I am sorry that we couldn’t stay longer. We had a meeting for the video we couldn’t be late for.

Then finally yesterday we filmed a music video for Never Alone. Who would of thought 3 years after the song was recorded we’d get a video out of it! The interesting thing about it is it has come so late. To me it seemed Never Alone had lived its life, so why revive it again? I remember when we first came to Nashville with that song in our catalog. We had great dreams of what God would bring for through the song and we did sense God had great things in store. Plus we all did feel that a video was too important. Here we are 3 years later, the promise finally being fulfilled. This situation is teaching me that Gods time is perfect and even when it feels like a season is past or beyond hope that God is a God of resurrection of our (truly his) dead dreams and hopes. Now that I look back I see what we needed to do this wasn’t in order. We didn’t even know our team!

We had the chance, once again, to work with Eric Welch and his wonderful team (he was the photographer for Another Journal Entry) yet another remarkable experience. Eric had such great vision for the treatment of the song we were so excited to watch it unfold.

We began the filming in an old run down hospital, It was in such bad condition I’m surprised it was still standing. The ceiling panels were held up by ropes and the paint falling in clumps off the walls. When Lauren would drum small clumps of something would fall from the ceiling onto her drums. All this made such great textures that I’m sure will look amazing on film. We also shot outside these ruins as the sun went down. For the last shot we went into the city and grabbed some pieces of us walking around the city..and of course we had to be followed around by Kellyn (from our label, Fervent) with an ipod and rather large, ghetto boom box in tow with Never Alone blaring so we could sing in time. Needless to say we had some spectators at 10 at night.

I can’t wait to see what Eric comes up with in the final edits and I am even more excited for you to see the story of Never Alone unfold.