I survived the Don’t Conform Tour (Week#1)

Hey everyone.
We did it; we survived our first week of tour! It’s been crazy here these last three weeks preparing, practicing having meeting after meeting and deep down just hoping it’s going to be alright. Well, I learned after this weekend you can prep all you want but stuff still going to happen. But all you can do is pray and laugh. I found out rather quickly stressing about everything does nothing but give ulcers but prayer and a good laugh every so often, returns so much Joy and Peace. For when God is involved I know it’s in good hands. So for all of you prayer warriors we covet your prayers. There is a battle going on and we (the Tour) are deep in it. (Ephesians 6:12) Please keep your game face on and continue to war with us. We can’t do it with out you guys! Please continue to pray for our protection Psalm 91. I know its already being prayed and the prayers are working for Downhere’s trailer was broken into but not a thing was stolen. Thank you GOD! Continue to pray for wisdom and discerning Hearts. That we may make wise decisions (1 Kings 3:12) and that we may have complete trust in God on this journey (Psalm 40:4).
Don’t forget to pray too for the Cambodia project we are a part of. To build a safe haven for their children and to see Isaiah 61 fulfilled!……………………………………………………………………………………………..

So yesterday was my first day off in weeks and can I tell you how wonderful it is to have a chance to read again? We purchased some new books for our Merch table so I have had the opportunity to review them before they get to your hands.
I also had ordered a book from FOTB.com a few weeks ago called “ The Seven Longings of the Human Heart” by Mike Bickle. I hadn’t planned on ordering it, I was on the site looking for some worship CD’s and came across this book and I just knew I needed it. My heart needed it. It seems I have barely begun for it’s so overflowing with wisdom and insight to the Human heart. I read and re read each paragraph in hopes to absorb all I can. Here is a paragraph I would love to leave with you this day.

“ Not only are our longings universal, they are eternal. God did not intend for our longings to go away after this life. In fact they and their fulfillment will be even greater in the age to come. We long, His presence comes, and when it lifts we are left more in love with more longing for him than what we had before. The Creator places longings within us that can only be answered by and in Him. He then answers the Longing in PART, giving us just enough satisfaction to sustain us in the pursuit, and leaving just enough of an ache to keep us on the journey. The nature of being wooed demands an ebb and flow of Desire and Satisfaction.” (Pp10-11)
I hope this creates a reaction in you as it did me in the realization that God allows us to ache on this earth that we may desire Him alone to satisfy. My friends, do not feed your self on this world, it is so temporary but begin to feed your self on the Life of Christ for He is your food for eternity! Long for Him and throw off false pleasures for nothing can compare to His Ultimate Fulfillment in our lives.