Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day every one! This is one of our favorite times of the year. We spend our days preparing for Valentines. It’s one of our largest baking days or the year, second only to Christmas. This year we are baking for our entire tour …all 97 of them! Next year we need to pick a smaller tour.
So today I was just thinking about some Valentines days I have spent in the past and I thought I should share my brief story. Around the time I gave my heart to the Lord and gave him my single years, I was getting really bothered by Valentines Day. I used to say it was for the lovers to know how loved they are and the lonely grow lonelier still… On a typical 14th I’d spend the day sulking. Asking questions like “how come no one likes me? What’s wrong with me?” Come on, I was in my teens and didn’t date, what did I expect? The funny thing is, now looking back I see how my parents have always done such a great job to make us girls feel loved. They would always take us out to dinner and give us little trinkets or jewelry..what girl doesn’t love jewelry? I was so obsessed with what I didn’t have and that I missed seeing those who really loved me…

So what changed? I think God was finally done with my sulking and a short time later He showed me my selfishness. He impressed on my heart that I needed to look around me for there were truly lonely people that needed to feel loved; the widows, single moms, people living far from home. They were the ones in needed. I love when He does that. At first my problems seems so huge and then Perspective shows up and I see how small I am, how foolish I’ve been.
In this all, God’s timing was perfect for around the same time Lyssa and Lo wanted to do the same and so began our bake-offs. It’s been 12 years and counting so I guess you could call it a tradition.
My encouragement? Instead of waiting around, start looking to see whom you can bless in your life this day. I understand not all of us are blessed with cooking skills so be creative, write a note, even just a phone call can change one’s day.
Happy Valentines!