From GA to IA and other places in between

Hey Guys just wanted to update you all on what’s the latest in tour world. We started off this weeks run in McDonough, GA and spent Tuesday and Wednesday at the church where Casting Crowns is from. It was quite an experience for we love getting a chance to work with them. From GA we went to Chattanooga, TN (which is one of my favorite stops) but the day got away from me once again so I’ll have to go sight seeing the next time I pass through. Friday we had the privilege and honor to spend some time with Mercy Ministries at our St Louis Concert. It was a blessing to get a chance to meet those amazing women. They have gone through so much but the Joy and peace that can be found on their faces can only be for one reason. The Restoration Christ has done and is doing in each of their lives. Amazing! ! My only regret is I didn’t have more time to spend with them. It’s opportunities like this that make me remember why I need to speak about my past struggles. It’s opportunities like this that give me fresh prospective to the call. For the road life can make me forget and I can easily lose perspective of what is true life but encounters with such people are such a great push to reality.

That same day DOWNHERE took a day off from the tour and headed up to Canada for the Covenant Awards ( or as some may call it the Canadian Doves) They returned Saturday with three awards in tow. Rock Song of the Year for “the More”, Rock Album of the Year and Recorded song of the Year for “A Better Way”
For those of you who have the album you can totally see why they returned with these awards…for those of you who have not…check it out and you’ll see why.
Even though they came home with three awards they somehow made it back minus two pieces of luggage, Marc’s pedal board and Glen’s suitcase. Ah the joys of flying!
So if any of you joined us at Club 3degrees In Minneapolis, MN you would have heard Marc playing through my pedals. Which, if you ask me, are the best pedals in the world and it took every thing out of me to share such a prized possession. And Glen borrowed some of Laurens clothes, so I guess we both took one for the team.
Then Sunday we wrapped up this leg of tour in Iowa where Matthew West’s had quite the following! Even Mom and Dad West showed up that night.
So that’s tour life in a nut shell.
Thank you every one of you that has come out on this tour we have so appreciated your support! Especially those of you that have made it out to 5 or 6 shows just this tour. Why you would want to see us that many times I will never know but we are so very thankful for you and your willingness you be a blessing.

So this leaves us 19 more days, a mere handful of shows before this tour comes to an end. Thank you all for your prayers thus far and we hope you will continue to pray that God would have His way this tour until the very end. This has been a very challenging tour and I cannot imagine what it would have been with out your prayers. You bless us greatly.

(p.s.For those of you concerned, Glen did not wear Lauren’s clothes)