Canada, Eh?

Hey from Canada! We are in Edmonton, CA this weekend for a YC conference. YC is the first conference that has invited us to play in Canada and we have loved being here…both times. The accents are amazing and words like goot and Mave ( good and mauve ) are fun getting used to. The Edmonton Oilers won last night so its been a bit crazy here. Try to sleep while there is a riot going on outside your hotel. And all you have to do is mention the Oilers from stage and the crowd goes nuts. We won’t be doing that again. Other news from Canada… Canadian band Downhere’s Record dropped this past week. I picked up their pre release in April, loved it and have been waiting all this time for the full album. My Family and I were so impressed by that pre release that we invited them to join us on our first headlining tour. So if any of you are coming out to “Don’t Conform” the Tour you’ll be able to see Jeremy, Marc, Glenn and Jason rocking out. You can check their Lyrics at and their song clips can be found on itunes and many other music sites. Make sure you check out songs “ The More” “ A Better Way” and “Stir” just to name a few of my favorites.